1st Grade Pizza Making Group Photo

"We are going to do something new with somebody in the school that we don’t usually have activities with." This was the clue first grade was given this week leading up to todays activity. Shortly before it was shared they would be making pizza’s with our very own school chef Mr.B! 

Mr.B demonstrated the pizza making to students and asked them prompting questions to make them think about how they would make their pizzas. “What shape will you put it in? How many spoonfuls of sauce should we use? Let’s count the pepperonis that fit on the pizza.” He also showed them how to use the digital food scale to weigh out the appropriate amount of cheese. Mrs.Savage helped students with this. “Mrs.Savage it already says 9!!” one student said as she was weighing the cheese. Mrs.Savage said, “It says 1.9, we need 2. Is one bigger or smaller than 2?”

Overall a very successful and fun learning activity for all involved and did I mention YUMMY!