2nd & 3rd Grade Class in front of their animal suggestions to Santa

Hopefully Santa’s reindeer don’t get Covid this Christmas holiday, but if they do, Fayette’s second graders have a backup plan for him!

Mrs. Webb's 2nd&3rd grade class had a fun writing prompt for students this holiday season. The writing prompt was, “If Santa’s reindeer had Covid, what animal would you suggest take their place?” She taught students how we write letters to persuade people with an opinion. Persuasive letters have an opening sentence, they state their opinion, give reasons why and then restate their opinion. After teaching students this setup Mrs. Webb then set students free to write their own letter to Santa along with drawing a picture of their chosen animal.

Students chose animals ranging from mice to wolves to eagles and an assortment of additional animals. Khloe says, “Sprinkle magic dust on the dogs. I think they could possibly fly then. You should do dogs because they are cute and cuddly. They are loyal and helpful.” Jaxson says, “I think you should use elephants. They are strong. They are big. They will make sure you won’t fly off the house.” Gideon says, “I think you should use dragons to pull your sleigh. They are fast. They can melt the snow. They can fly. That is why I think you should use dragons to pull your sleigh.”

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