Deane Buuck - Fayette Central School Remote Learning Teacher

Dear Students and Parents,

I will be your Remote Learning teacher this year. My job is to make sure that you receive an educational experience that meshes with the regular classroom instruction at Fayette Central School as much as possible. We will strive to meet the curricular goals and objectives of your regular classroom teachers in a way that meets your needs as a learner.

We will be meeting with you on Zoom during the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to discuss your progress, answer questions, and give instruction. An e-mail message will be sent to you to invite you to the meeting. If we miss a Monday, we will switch to a Tuesday/Friday Zoom meeting. On the other days you will be doing your independent work with books, paper and pencil, on-line programs, or pre-recorded teacher videos. You should strive to do at least three hours of schoolwork each day in grades 3-5; grades K-2 should strive for about 2-3 hours of work. Pre-K should do about 1-2 hours on M-W-F, just like at school.

Some of your work will be submitted online, some may be handed in with paper. A binder with a schedule of assignments and work papers, will be brought to you on the regular bus run each Monday. It is your responsibility to return the binder to the driver on Monday with your completed work so that a new one can be handed out to you. So, you will have an out binder and an in binder. You will also be provided with access codes to your various on-line programs. Make sure to keep this in a safe place!

To organize your online work, we will use Google Classroom for grades 2-5, and SeeSaw for Pre-K-1. Your on-line assignments should be submitted by 3:00 daily unless otherwise directed. Make sure to put your name and date on all papers and do neat work. Always do your best but do not be afraid to ask for help. Remember that this work counts for your report card grade. Your participation counts as attendance. Mrs. Buuck will be available for help M-W, F 9:00- 5:00, TH 3:00-5:00, via e-mail, chat space, or phone.

I am excited about working with you!

Mrs. Buuck

home phone: 685-9988      e-mail:

Fayette Central School Remote Learning Plan - Revised 9.1.2020

Duties and Responsibilities - to provide a remote learning experience that delivers instruction tailored to mesh with regular classroom curriculum content, goals, and objectives.


*   Assessment

*  assess student and family needs for remote learning - in person or phone meeting

*  communicate with teachers and parents regarding student styles, abilities, and limitations

*  review student records


*   Communication

*  with teachers (daily or as needed)

*  collect data and materials- curriculum content, process, and product

*  feedback on student progress (academic and social/emotional)

*  with parents (weekly)

* weekly schedule for parents via e-mail- Monday

*  communicate expectations for participation in remote learning

*  regular check-in with chat, e-mail, or phone call as required


*    Delivery of Instruction


*    organize and distribute binders of hard copy materials for each student

*    establish online class rooms

*    Google for 3-5

*    SeeSaw for Pre-K-2

*    publish weekly workflow schedule for each student Monday AM

•        post assignments

•        conduct synchronous (Zoom) classes

•        make student/teacher connections

•        deliver instruction on new skills 

•        set expectations for student learning


•        address student concerns

•        check for understanding

•        publish asynchronous (pre-recorded) instructional lessons 

•        establish links to practice programs and supplemental materials


*    Monitor student progress


•       check student chat/message

•       check for submission of posted assignments

•       address parent questions or concerns

•       check progress with practice programs (IXL)


*    Evaluation/Record Keeping

•       score student product 

•       share scores with students and teachers

•       note student participation


*    Workflow

•     M-W-F: Student and teacher meet live stream 20-30 minutes (Zoom)

•     T-Th: Students work independently on pre-recorded lessons, posted assignments, or,  practice sites

•     Remote learning teacher is available for support via e-mail, chat or phone M-W, F 9:00 AM - 5:00 - Thursday 3:30-5:00

•     Student assignments are to be submitted by 3:00 unless otherwise arranged.